Meet our Chic & Shining Babe -- MC Hammer

Meet MC Hammer, the stunning YouTube personality & chic babe!

MC Hammer Look Book

We *adore* babes who are confident, fun, and positive... just like the gorgeous YouTube personality, MC Hammer! She is super cheerful and excited to share her favorite things with you! If you haven't already checked out her youtube channel (click here), she teamed up with us to put together her winter look book!

Dark Side Necklace

The trendy MC shows us how she's wear our Dark Side Necklace. She used the statement necklace to bring more color into her dark toned outfit.

 In this adorable winter outfit, she wears our Tassel Necklace to add a feminine finish.

MC shares that even though it's cold outside, doesn't mean you should neglect showing off your lobes! She's totally rocking our Beautifly Ear Jackets!

She added the Subtly Dark Necklace to her super chic outfit to make her outfit completely unique!

Be yourself, be chic, and let yourself SHINE! MC shows that she can have fun while looking super cute! Can you spot our Feathered Ear Crawlers?

Be sure to watch MC Hammer's look book video to see how to WIN our Subtly Dark Necklace to glam up your next outfit! 

Thank you MC for being such a positive radiant beam of sunshine! We LOVE chic babes like you!

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